How the Crafty Birthday Party was Born

How the Crafty Birthday Party was Born

How the Crafty Birthday Party was Born

We have been having a blast with our crafty birthdays the past 4 months! The idea for offering birthday parties started a long time ago. When I was 13 My family went from 6 to 10 in one day. That day I became the oldest of 8 kids and that meant a lot of birthdays. My sister Sasha an I had the honour of being the go-to birthday planners for all our younger siblings from that day on. 

Our mom had always planned these lavishly creative parties for us on a dime, from a southern bell tea party, to an enchanted forest party. Our mom was a seamstress and money was tight so she really got creative when it came to décor and supplies. We relied on trunks of dress-up costumes, costume jewelry, makeup samples, and homemade food. My aunt would come from an hour away to be her right hand gal, and we never, ever, felt like we weren't the most special person in the universe. 

Following her lead my sister and I cooked up amazing schemes, games, crafts, and activities for the most wild children there ever could be. We buried treasure in our backyard and left clues on tea stained maps for a gaggle of 7 year old boys to find, and physically dig up from a 3 foot hole. 

This party tradition carried on for my own children, and we rented halls up and down the coast for class parties that were just too big for our modest house. We would carry in everything for our crafty parties; craft supplies, costumes, decor, you name it. One year my oldest daughter wanted a tiny town party, and the collecting of cracker and cereal boxes alone took weeks, then there was an hour of set up and 2 hours of clean up after to get the hall spic and span so we could get our security deposit back. By the time the party was done I never wanted to do another one again.

There had to be a better way. Then October 2022 we got the green light from our landlords, the town of Gibsons, and our insurance company to open The Nest Community Space! Finally a perfect place to host parties like the ones my mom, my sister, and myself had hosted year after year. This is how the Crafty Party was born! Since December we have had at least 1 party a weekend of 3 available party spots. We have been blessed to be able to be a part of so many birthdays, and to be able to make kids feel like they are the most special person in the universe for a day. It's been a wild journey for us and it's one we are enjoying immensely. 


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