Mini Wacky Packages

Super Impulse continues to prove that good things come in small packages. The launch of Wacky Packages Minis unleashes a new line of hilarious, miniature, 3D products based on the classic stickers by iconic trading card company Topps. Wacky Packages Minis offers a fun twist on the mini collectible trend! With silly and outrageous spoofs of popular household products, Wacky Packages Minis Series 1 brings the original, 2D parody stickers to life by transforming them to 3D toys. There is a total of 66 collect-them-all minis including 6 ultra-rare styles in pearlescent white. With a mix of nostalgic "Old Skool" satire including Captain Crud and Bandache, along with "New Skool" wit, featuring Ghoul Scout Cookies and Dr. Pooper, this collection builds on the success of the classic collectible stickers, while remaining true to its retro roots. Each blind package "cup" of Wacky Packages Minis includes 5 mini products, 1 mini Original Wacky Packages sticker, and a collector checklist.