by Alex

Alex spa bathaccino Grande helps your bath tub Barista mix a perfect bath! Use the straw-spoons to scoop in your favorite colors and scents, then make your spa water fizzy and festive with bath bombs and bath confetti. Comes with three fabulous scents; strawberry surprise, lavender chill and coconut dream! Includes 2 straw spoons, 3 bath sponge poufs, 3 Epsom salts (purple, pink and green - 2.12oz/ 60G each), 4Round bath bombs (.51oz/ 14.5G each), 4 heart-shaped bath bombs (.39oz/ 11Geach), 3 bath confetti (.35oz/ 10G each), 3 essential oils (strawberry, vanilla and coconut) and easy instructions. Recommended for children 6 years of age and older.