Bayala - Fairy Feya w/Pegasus unicorn


Schweich - fairy Feya with Pegasus unicorn all the elves admire Feya and her Pegasus unicorn for their beauty and gracefulness. The Elf spends a lot of time caring for and Decorating her new, flying friend. Do you want to help out Feya and fly along with them? When Feya flies over the meadows of bayala on the back of her Pegasus unicorn and rides through the Elf town of , everyone turns to them full of wonder. Their gracefulness and beauty is probably unmatched throughout the whole elven Realm. Feya loves her flying unicorn more than anything. She cares and provides for it for hours on end, and spends nearly just as much time decorating It as she does herself. Sometimes when they want to visit princess eye la, Feya is somewhat scatter-brained. She forgets her mirror or brush, which she normally never leaves the house without. And then they have to turn around halfway there and fly back, and all the elves get to behold them several times on the same day. They are just gorgeous. Don't you think So too? Fun fact: on special days, Feya decorates her unicorn with stardust. Then it glistens like a starry night. Functions: secure hold thanks to magnets. With a moveable accessory can be swapped. Content: 1 x Elf Feya1 x Pegasus Unicorn1 x mirror