Catan - Treasures, Dragons, & Adventures (Expansion)

Defeat the fearsome dragons of the desert, build the great channel or discover hidden treasures. Treasures, dragons and adventurers includes 6 different scenarios. These scenarios have been specially designed for Catan fans who already have experience with the expansions of Navigators and Cities and Gentlemen and who wish to try some more demanding scenarios.

The scenarios of The Desert Dragons, Grand Catan, The Grand Canal and The Damned Land offer a greater depth of play, while players looking for something simpler while exploring other environments can enjoy with Treasure Islands or Rumbo To the unknown. Be that as it may, for anyone wishing to develop their own scenarios or modify existing ones, Treasures, Dragons and Adventurers comes packed with material.

To use these scenarios you need the basic Catan and the Catan Expanding and Catan Cities and Gentlemen.