Chinese Checkers 6+


Regulation Size This board, cut from all natural wood, is 11.5" in diameter and features 60 wood marbles in six bright colors. Each of the 121 holes is expertly drilled for consistent depth and smoothness, ensuring each marble fits snugly, but is still easily manipulated. Have kids around the house? Tell them to unplug from electronics for a bit and teach them one of the world's greatest board games. Gal2 Dedication to Tradition Invented in Germany in 1892 as a simplified version of the American board game Halma, then re-christened with its more recognizable name by The Pressman Toy Company in 1928, Chinese Checkers has become a classic the world over. Its traditional star shape and colored marbles are instantly recognizable, and its simple, pick up and play mechanics and six-player gameplay are instantly addictive. Gal45 Great For Trips! This set measures in at a regulation 11.5" diameter and all 121 holes are present. You'll be able to play a game of Chinese Checkers practically anywhere! Quality Materials Set comes 60 Wooden Marbles and each one is made from all natural wooden materials as well as the board itself. Our dedication to quality craftsmanship means we take extra time and effort to ensure this is the best Chinese Checkers set you can find Room for Everyone! Chinese Checkers is one of the oldest board games that can be played with more than 2 people. This set supports up to six players which makes for some fast, frantic games that will be sure to liven up family game night.