Ecokins Humpback Whale

"Dive into the deep blue sea with this cuddle ins Humpback whale stuffed animal and see where the current takes you. A real Humpback whale ranges from the 39 to 5" 2 feet long and weighs around 79, 000 pounds. This cuddle ins Humpback whale plush toy is a convenient size of 14- inches, making it perfect size to go anywhere. With this lifelike toy plush, you can imagine that you are exploring the ocean looking for a sunken ship or diving for treasure. The possibilities are endless when using imagination. Gift these kids' toys to a lover of ocean animals or sea creatures. No matter your age you can enjoy a cuddle ins plushier. These adorable stuffed animal toys look great in any room, whether it is Ocean themed or just fun kids toy room. Ecokins are made from 100% fabric and plastic fiberfill. Embroidered eyes and nose. 7 water bottles are used to make one 8 Ecokin. Recycled paper hangs tag with cotton string instead of the plastic tagger. Biodegradable packing. Our Mission has always