Game Mashups - Twister + Scrabble

It's a Game Mashup: Two favorite brands come together to create one awesome game. This Twister game has a Scrabble twist. Instead of large colored circles, this Twister mat has printed Scrabble letter tiles. The designated judge spins the spinner and calls out a challenge based on where it lands, and then chooses a starting letter. Then the twisting, shouting, and laughing begins! Players place their hands and feet on the mat to make a word. Then depending on where the spinner has landed, they try to be the first to shout out, spell out, or use the word in a sentence to win the round. It's an exiting, active party game in which players use their hands and feet...and brain!

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Includes 1 Twister mat printed with 36 Scrabble brand letter tiles, spinner board with arrow and base, and game rules.

Ages 8 and up
For 2-4 players.
Adult Assembly Required