Twinkle and sparkle in a universe of glittering imagination with Eline! This 14-inch doll loves twinkling starlight, and glitter is her favorite color! Stand out and be bright with Eline!

Eline has deep red hair that is styled in two cute braids. Her sparkling deep-blue eyes and long eyelashes really help to show off her freckles! Eline is a posable doll who is ready for dazzling adventure. She can bend at the knees and elbows, and rotate at the neck, shoulders, and hips. She can even stand up on flat surfaces!

Glitter Girls 14-inch dolls each come with one complete outfit. Eline loves to express herself through what she’s wearing: a gray zip-up sweater with fuzzy pink polka dots, a pair of pink and blue modern galaxy print leggings, a sparkly pink hair bow (for an extra touch of glitz!), and a pair of sparkly blue glitter sandals.

Glitter Girls are recommended for kids aged 3 years old and up, and are considered excellent dolls for 6-year-old girls. Compatible with most 14-inch doll brands.