Jana & Cuddles


Jana & Cuddles always stick together! Jana has deep blue eyes and long brown hair that is lots of fun to brush and style. She is a posable doll who can rotate her neck, arms, and legs, and bend at the knees and elbows.

Glitter Girls 14-inch dolls each come with one complete outfit. Jana is wearing a hoodie dress with rainbow stripes across the front, a pair of shiny leggings, bright shoes, and a glittery “WOOF” hat (for an extra touch of glitz!). She also has her super soft pet puppy Cuddles by her side with the leash and collar accessories. Jana’s outfit has easy-open closures that make it fun to mix and match with other Glitter Girls clothing sets (sold separately), so she can take her pup to the GG Pop-Pup Shop or GG Drive-Thru in different styles!