Hot Wheels Track Builder - Premium Curve Pack


The Premium Curve Pack is part of the Build and helps kids create unique tracks with premium 90-degree curved track pieces, as well as 12-inch and 6-inch straight track! These premium tracks look awesome and have great performance. Create an oval raceway, test your skills with s-turns and more.

The Premium Curve Pack is one of 7 different component packs that let kids Build, Stunt and Boost. The Build enables kids to create dynamic track paths in their Track Builder world. Connects to other Hot Wheels sets for infinite possibilities. Add to other packs in the Stunt and Boost categories for even more fun or add this stunt to Multi-Lane Speed Box or Triple Loop Kit.

We endeavor to provide accurate information, but this product’s name, color and materials are subject to change without notice.


Features. Hot Wheels-TB Unlimited Premium Curve Toys Pack. 4 Piece- SKU: ACDD49590