Hush Weighted Blanket - Sherpa Throw - 8lbs


Hush. Throw Features:

  • This one size fits all throw blanket weighs in at 8lbs and sports a comforting 42”x72” spread so you can enjoy it by yourself or with someone you love...
  • The blanket cover is dual-sided for ultimate comfort:
    • The blue side is made from the highest grade of satin microfiber that won’t stick to your skin.
    • The white side is our soft fleece made to mimic sheep's wool from the Sherpa people of the mountainous regions of Nepal.
  • The inner weighted blanket is made from our famous ultra-soft polyester and can be used on its own for a cooler touch.
  • We fill the smallest pocket sizes available to prevent bunching/sagging with non-toxic glass sand.
  • Unzip and remove the cover to throw in the wash for easy cleaning.