Killer Whale - 275129

Although Killer Whales range worldwide, they are most abundant in the Arctic and Antarctic, where nutrient-rich cold waters rise from the deep and attract other sea life. At the top of the cold-water food chain is the Killer Whale, also known as Orca, the largest member of the dolphin family. Scientific Name: Orcinus orca. Characteristics: This Killer Whale figure's lithe, twisting body reveals an active creature swimming at full speed, perhaps closing in on its favorite cold-water snack. Anatomically accurate details enhance the educational quality of this realistic toy. Size and Color: Black and white are its dominant colors, but a splash of pink in the mouth completes the realism of this nearly 7" long figure. It's a little longer than a water bottle. The Killer Whale (Orca) is part of the Wild Safari Sea Life collection. All of our products are Non-toxic and BPA free.