Kinetic Sand Zen Garden Box


Slice, scoop, roll and relax with the Kinetic Sand Kalm Zen Box. This Kinetic Sand set is the first-ever Kinetic Sand item for adults and comes with everything you need for a satisfying sensory experience: 2lbs of Kinetic Sand, three tools and a stylish sandbox. Kinetic Sand is the original magical, moldable and mesmerizing sand. It flows through your hands and never dries out, so you can play again and again. The Zen Box is the perfect size for desks and tabletops and provides you with a soothing way to play with Kinetic Sand. Cut and slice with the knife, fill the rolling ball and use it as a mold, then use the 2-in-1 tool's shape shifter to transform your sand. Scoop sand with the 2-in-1 tool and roll the ball around - with grooves on the ball, it leaves wavy imprints in your sand. The unique Kinetic Sand formula makes it easy to shape and mold anything you can imagine. Create again and again and let Kinetic Sand flow through your hands. It's so satisfying, you won't be able to put it down. Featuring a sleek design, The Zen Box looks great on coffee tables, desks or anywhere you display it. Relax and unwind with the Kinetic Sand Kalm Zen Box.

  • KINETIC SAND FOR ADULTS: The Zen Box is the first Kinetic Sand kit for adults. With 2lbs of sand and 3 tools, immerse yourself in a soothing and mesmerizing sensory experience. Fidget, relax and unwind.
  • 3 SATISFYING TOOLS: Slice, scoop, roll and relax with the Zen Box's awesome tools. Slice with the knife, scoop and transform your Kinetic Sand with the 2-in-1 tool, roll the ball or use it as a mold.
  • DISPLAY IT ANYWHERE: The Zen Box's design keeps everything contained and looks great in the home or office. Kinetic Sand never dries out, so you can leave your Zen Box out and play again and again.
  • The Kinetic Sand Kalm Zen Box for adults is a great gift for the home or office. Bring home the Zen Box and get ready to relax.
  • Includes: 2lbs Kinetic Sand, 1 2-in-1 Scoop and Shifter, 1 Rake/Rolling Ball, 1 Knife, 1 Zen Tray, 1 Instruction Sheet