Land of B. - Doo B. Doo's Light-up Musical bus


Join the Doo B. Doos for rockin’ tunes on their Groovy Patootie tour bus! Match shapes with their base for music and a magical light show! The Doo B. Doos can play solo or together! Activate just one or let them play in sweet harmony!


  • Roof and side panel of bus open for a concert on wheels!
  • BEEP BEEP! Any figure fits in the driver’s seat and honks the horn!
  • Watch the Doo B. Doos bounce up and down as the bus zooms!
  • 1 Light-U Musical Bus
  • 1 Woofer removable character
  • 1 Meowsic removable character
  • 1 Jax removable character

3x AA batteries included.

2+ years