Miniature And Model Tools - Precision Side Cutters

  • BUILD MODELS WITH EASE - With this specialized plastic cutter, you can cut your models from the sprue with ease and precision. It is able to replace all other tree trimming tools in your model building tool kit. This Army Painter precision cutter is the best thing out there for the job because it's built for it
  • CUT THE DETAILS WITHOUT SPOILING THEM - The jaws of these tree clippers are sharp, thin and precise, the angle allows you to cut components exactly where you need to. Unlike some other side cutters in the market that are not specially designed as model tools, the tips of these plastic nippers are blunted so you can’t damage the plastic parts
  • ONLY SMOOTH, CLEAN CUTS QUICK - You don’t have to worry about mashing pieces, distorting the paint, or pinching nearby delicate parts as you cut them off the sprues. These cutting pliers do their job leaving very little stress marks on the pieces which can easily be sanded down and polished out
  • FITS AND FEELS PERFECTLY IN YOUR HAND - This model hobby nipper is not difficult to hold; it's designed with a safety grip handle that allows you to comfortably cut without slipping even in small areas and without the feeling of sharp edges on the handle
  • WON'T BREAK EVERY 6 MONTHS - Made from hard-wearing stainless steel that won't lose their edge after only a few cuts, these miniature sprue nippers are well worth the price. Don’t cut metal with them if you want to use them long for what they have been designed