Nailed It!


Number of Players: 4-8
Playing Time: 30 Minutes
Recommended Ages: 18+

Nailed It! is an adult party game where players create funny stories about stereotypes.
Players play one of the category cards in their hand (each contains four items -one for each of these categories: Food, Location, Clothing, and Ailment.) Then build a story based on the turned up stereotype.

  • What type of Ailment would the procrastinator have?
  • What food would the passive aggressive serve at a party?


  • Name uses the pop culture phrase Nailed It! To peak consumer interest.
  • Gives permission for people to take their guard down with adult friends and family.
  • 476 unique illustrations
  • No race, gender, or highly offensive stereotypes used. Examples: Cat Lady, Debbie Downer, Geek, Survivalist


  • 168 Cards
  • 1 Foam Die
  • 1 Instructions