Plush Crush


What’s Plush Crush? It’s a collectible series of backpack hangable plush characters packaged in a puzzle ball you throw and crush to open! Throw, crush, and collect all of the Crushie Crew! Which one will you get?

Recommended Use: Throw the puzzle ball against carpet, grass, or something that will somewhat cushion the impact. This will help prolong the puzzle ball’s lifespan so you can re-assemble it over and over again!

  • There are 12 plush characters to collect
  • You can reassemble the ball over and over again!
  • This cool product is not scented (many of our other products are).
  • Ages 3+
A viral posting leads to Toy of the Year Award

Following a TikTok video posting for Plush Crush that went viral in June, Plush Crush won top prize in August for Toy of the Year as awarded by Creative Child Magazine.