Pusheen - BlindBox Winter Wonderland

by Gund

Pusheen - Surprise 2” Winter Wonderland Plush Series 11 Blind Box (Display of 24)

Grab your mittens, scarf and your favourite kitten Pusheen and indulge in the ultimate snow day! Thanks to the team at Gund now you can pick up these super chilly Winter Wonderland Blind Box Plushes for your collection. From Stormy in a scarf to a winter coat wearing Pusheen to even Cheek with ear muffs, you are sure to find the ultimate partner to take on your winter adventures! Just clip one onto your bag, keys or backpack and away you go. 

Ages 8+

Each display includes 24x single Blind Boxs, which each include 1x Series 11 Winter Wonderland Plush selected at random. 

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