Reef Squid - 266229

Found throughout the Caribbean and off the coast of Florida, the reef squid a relatively small squid with unique undulating fins that make up a large portion of its body. The reef squid can actually use its fins to propel itself out of the water and fly a short distance! History: While you might think their color patterns are just for show, studies have shown that reef squid is actually able to communicate with one another by altering the colors and patterns of their skin. They can even send different messages using different sides of their body! Given the color of its body, what message do you think this reef squid is trying to send? Scientific Name: Sepioteuthis sepioidea Characteristics: This reef squid is preparing for some aerial acrobatics once it launches itself out of the ocean! Hand-painted for precise biological accuracy, this figurine is fantastic as a learning aid, a toy for fun play, as a gift, or even as a piece of décor for a house close to the water!