Reusable 3-Layered Mask - Black


ChicoBag Facewear is made from quality, sports polyester that is breathable and comfortable against your face. Durable, machine washable and convenient to use - a single reusable ChicoBag face mask can save an estimated 547 single-use masks from the waste stream!  The wash-and-wear feature means you can wear one, then stash it safely in its pouch for washing later while you switch to a fresh mask. 

  • Snug fit to Improve Safety & Breathability: Mask fits snugly against your face, comfortably around your ears OR head. 
  • Flexible, Anti-Fog Metal Nose Bridge: removes a common air-gap that fogs up glasses and reduces the effectiveness of other masks.
  • Versatile & Comfortable: Soft silicone adjustable ear loops, and a behind-the-head adjustable strap help to relieve stress on the ears, and is easier to wear with glasses. 
  • Adjustable straps allow the wearer to customize their fit to be worn with glasses, behind a ponytail/ hair bun, or even below the occipital bone (the bump on back of your skull)