Goooze™ Sqwish & Wish


 Sqwish & Wish is the latest in satisfying, tactile play from ORB Toys. Sqwish & Wish is triple the fun, is triple the magic and like the fairytales we all read of growing up, is reminiscent of the joy that comes with the notion of being granted three golden wishes. For your first wish, close your eyes and make a wish. Then sqwish the red and watch the product expand in your hand and transform into a beautiful enchanting shade of pink For your second wish, close your eyes and make an even bigger wish. Then sqwish the blue and watch it expand in your hands and transform into the most tranquil shade of robin’s egg blue. And for your final and most magical wish, close your eyes and make the most maginificent wish ever! Then sqwish the two colors together and as the two colors transform into the most majestic shade of lavender, the magic of your wishful thinking begins. Sqwish, Wish, and let your imagination soar!!