Ticket To Ride: Japan/Italy



Ticket to Ride Japan & Italy includes the largest Ticket to Ride board yet! On the Japan map, players face a dilemma between investing in the Bullet Train network, which can be used by all players, or focusing on their individual tracks. The Italy map is focused on the country’s Regions and on a new type of Ferry Route. Connect cities from all Regions in the same network to score extra points.

Features & details

  • Double-sided game board with two different play variants Plateau de jeu réversible avec 2 modes de jeu différents
  • Adds great new challenges and strategy to your games Rajoute de nouveaux défis et de nouvelles stratégies à vos parties
  • Easy to learn, hours of play Facile à apprendre pour des heures de plaisir
  • This is an expansion to Ticket to Ride, it is not a standalone game Ceci est une extension pour Les Aventuriers du Rail, ce jeu ne peut pas être joué seul
  • This multilingual version includes rules for 13 different languages Cette version multilingue inclut les règles en 13 langues différentes