Zoom Tubes - Racer Pack


Zoom Tubes Car Trax is nothing like your traditional toy car course. Rather than flat track pieces, it comes with several clear tubes that can be connected together to form any number of insane configurations. The included, remote-controlled car lights up, creating a strobe effect as it flies through the track. Use the included USB cord to recharge your miniature vehicle. Start your high-speed adventure with the Main Kit and then add on to it with the Racer Pack and Expansion Kit. Remote control, requires 2 "AA" batteries. Main Kit and Racer Pack, polypropylene and metal. Expansion Pack, polypropylene. For ages 5 and up.


  • Take your toy cars for a spin like never before
  • Main Kit includes:
    • Blue car
    • Remote control
    • USB cord, 21"L
    • Straight tube with door, 9"L
    • 3 Straight tubes, 9"L, each
    • 8 Curved tubes, 14", each
    • 12 Connectors, 2-3/4"L, each
  • Expansion Pack includes:
    • 4-Way intersection, 5" sq.
    • 2 Short, straight tubes, 5-1/4"L, each
    • 4 Curved tubes, 14", each
    • 4 Long tubes, 9"L, each
    • 14 Connectors, 2-3/4"L, each
  • Racer Pack includes:
    • Orange car
    • Remote control
    • USB cord, 21"L
  • Details:
    • Main Kit
    • Racer Pack
    • Polypropylene and metal
    • Expansion Pack
    • Polypropylene
    • For ages 5 and up